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Simon Wardley

Hi Amy,

I totally agree with you, it's what I talked about at O'Reilly Emerging Tech and OSCON and was one of the principal driving forces behind Zimki (a Framework as a Service) provider which was started back in 2005.

The key issue involved here is always portability and choice between providers. The ideal way of achieving this is through open standards, and the most effective way of making a standard spread is by providing an operational means of achieving it - e.g. open source. This also opens up the door for competitive utility markets.

So SaaS as a platform? Absolutely it will happen, but its future is firmly intertwined with open source.

Good blog.

Bob Warfield

The platform is the cloud. SaaS will force more and more companies to do more than pay lip service to SOA in order to integrate SaaS apps into their computing ecosystem.

SAP will hasten this process with A1S. For more, see my post:


Abraham Sultan

Amy, we've been working on an Enterprise SaaS platform that will be ready for beta release soon. If you are interested to learn a little more or check out an early preview let me know.


Zoli Erdos

Rob, I'd love to hear about it:-)


Amy, please contact me if you are interested in inside info on an upcoming small platform startup. It's a bit out of your league (small biz instead of enterprise), but the software is user friendly and innovative.

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