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Eric Eckstein

The major business issues of deployment, integration and maintenance of IT systems have been growing at an alarming rate. The SaaS model not only is germane in these economic times, but is really a growth requirement for the entire industry regardless of the economy...

Mobile (Edge) computing for business processes bill benefit by the SaaS model at an exponential rate now that carriers are having to drop the walls (business not technical) on network...

Darryl Carlton

The challenging economic times might drive more businesses to adopt SaaS, moving their IT spend from CAPEX to OPEX and reducing their capital requirements for hardware, not to mention skilled staff.

Another driving issue is the growing acceptance of our environmental situation. For most businesses the biggest challenge in expanding their data centres is the ready availability of electricity to power their growing server farms. Moving to SaaS will allow companies like Amazon and Google to rationalise and maximise their investments in data centre management. This in turn will drive more companies to invest in SaaS solutions because they simply cannnot build the capacity in their own data centres.

We might consider this a perfect strom of economics and environmental issues which will create a compelling shift to SaaS.


Amy, I agree with you.
Tighter economic times is a blessing for the SaaS market.

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