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Ivo Merlos

It's good that there are companies going for the cloud computing option. But there still has to be an offline backup of everything that has been done on the cloud to ensure data synchronicity.

Keycomm Online

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Ming Wu

SaaS / Cloud computing enable companies to focus on what's most important to them. Enterprises that don't have core competencies in technology or data center management get huge benefits by finding vendors that specialize in solutions that fit the needs of the enterprise and enable the business.

Large enterprises may require more time to make the transition, but many business units and divisions are already realizing the gains of SaaS / cloud computing today and are often recognized as pioneers for these initiatives.

I think there will be two interesting patterns to observe: 1) how the technology platform evolves and how various types of "clouds" integrate with each other; 2) how it affects the landscape for the development and procurement of new business solutions.

Avigdor Luttinger

I think that we see here a fundamental architectural shift, which is more visible perhaps in the SaaS application market but is nevertheless gaining significant foothold as “private cloud”.

It might be useful to segment the SaaS phenomenon between the Usability aspect and the Business Model. Private Clouds and RIA go after the Usability, which I start to think is a stronger driver than the Business Model.


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