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Computing in the cloud

I just come to knoe that cloud computing is "we can pay for what we use".I just want to know more details about?

In which domain it is used?
How it is related to ERP?
What are the researches going on this field?

Just give me an abstract which help me to start my work?

Concego Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is rapidly shrinking to smaller devices that can be easily carried around. Since these devices are not stationary they all carry the ability to connect to the Internet. PC sales are declining and smart phone sales are increasing all over the world with greater emphasis on consistent connectivity. This necessitates a paradigm shift towards computing that does not depend on a single machine or a group of machines.

I would like to get your thoughts, Amy, on how this will effect small and large enterprises that are currently working with cloud computing technologies.

cloud computing security

Everybody is sure that cloud computing is key to the future of IT, but people often seem unsure quite what it is. In fact, it's an umbrella term for a number of different trends, all involving the internet and its potential to simplify the way we use computers and extend their capabilities.

The "cloud" is the internet, and the term is fitting – it's large, out there somewhere, and fuzzy at the edges. Cloud computing is about putting more of your material out there and less on PCs or servers that a business runs for itself.

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