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ipad blog

I strongly agree wih Geof's comment above. It was written at the blog link that
"The company shipped webOS phones too late, opened up the platform to developers too late and signed deals with major carriers too late." so it looks like HP will be having a very hard time for this new Touchpad.


I am thinking that this moves us close to video phone calls. You have skype that is geared to those mobile devices and now microsoft and yahoo are sporting their own video calling. We are moving in a vague direction with so much new hardware. It's exciting!! Thanks fo rthe post.

Geof WIlkens

The problem is that it's not all about hardware and OS anymore. You can have an amazing product and still fail. This is because we're living in an era of apps... the ecosystem is defining the product more then ever before. (just look at what happened recently with Microsoft and Nokia)

Without a developer base to create compelling apps for your platform, you're pretty much dead in the water these days.

Google and Apple both have app stores northwards of 200,000 applications. The Touchpad is going to have to sell to consumers who likely already have apps tied to another company... that makes it a very tricky endeavor indeed.

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